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La Madrileña 1892

Historical Building

The law office of Edmund K. Cyganiewics is located in the Historical La Madrileña Building two blocks from the Cameron Couny Court House. La Madrileña is listed in the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the Interior.





La Madrileña, built in 1892, is a noteworthy example of a small-scale brick corner store. The openings, extending arround the store, and the
elaborate cornice treatment are both typical of Rio Grande Valley architecture, although the detailing of the pilasters, corbelling and pinnacles is unusal in a building of this size. The store's massing and proportions are particularly fine. La Madrileña was built by Adrien Ortiz, who operated a general store there until his death in 1957.

La Madrileña  1892

A native of Spain, Adrian Ortiz (1869-1957) emigrated to Brownsville before he was 18 and lived with relatives who trained him as a merchant. He built this structure in 1892 to house his merchantile operation. La Madrileña [Native of Madrid], an important community business for over 60 years. The vernacula store building features corbeled brick work, parapets with pinnacles, and paneled doors with transoms.

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